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  • How can I register my child with Kids’ Ark Childcare Centre?
    Should you wish to register your child with our childcare, we recommend filling out the registration form found ­here. Alternatively, we would be happy to set up a meeting with you. Feel free to call us on 00356 7771 1917 or send us an email on
  • When should I register my child?
    Whilst we are unable to predict the number of registrations we receive; we recommend that parents register their child with us at least a month before the intended start date.
  • When will I know when my child has been accepted?
    We will confirm your child’s acceptance by email after the application has been received.
  • What fees can I expect to pay?
    Our childcare forms part of the Free Childcare Scheme, and therefore all regular hours covered by the scheme are paid out by the state. Alternatively, if the parents do not qualify for the free child care scheme, we provide private scheme packages. Kindly contact us for more information regarding this. We also charge a one-time, non-refundable deposit of €100. Parents may also be asked to pay something every 3 months for activities such as cooking.
  • Can I set up a meeting with you prior to the first day?
    Absolutely! We strongly encourage parents to visit us before their little one’s first day. Here we’ll be able to discuss any concerns thoroughly and run through all the appropriate paperwork.
  • What can I expect on my child’s first day at Kids’ Ark?
    This new moment in your children’s lives may be an exciting, but stressful event. We have therefore tailored our services to meet the needs of our new guests. For the first two days, all children accompanied by their parent/guardian will be welcomed into the childcare for approximately two hours to help them get used to their environment, new friends and carers. On the third day the child will be encouraged to spend two hours without the company of the parent/guardian.
  • What kind of play does Kids' Ark focus on?
    Our main aim is to help the children develop through all the senses and our main focus is sensory play. Read more about it here.
  • Should I pack a lunch for my child?
    As it stands, our childcare does not currently offer food services. We therefore encourage guardians and parents to provide breakfast, a snack and lunch.
  • What should my child wear?
    We’re all about activities here at Kids’ Ark. To allow for the most comfortable experience for your little one, we recommend casual, relaxed clothing for maximum enjoyment.
  • Is there anything specific which my child needs to bring with them?
    We will provide all the basic tools your child will need to have an engaging and fulfilling time at our childcare. However, a list of child-specific items will be provided to you before your little one’s first day.
  • How can I know what my child has been up to throughout the day?
    We’re always super excited to share your child’s experiences with you while you’re away. All our carers make use of a great app which helps you keep track of all the activities we’ve done throughout the day. Additionally, the app also gives you the opportunity to view personalized, private photos of your child taking part in games and enjoying themselves.
  • How much is the Registration fee?
    To help secure a place in the childcare for your little one, we ask the parents for a non- refundable deposit of €100.
  • I am registering through the Free Childcare Scheme. What do I actually have to pay for?
    The Free Childcare Scheme covers the hours that the child will be attending the childcare, depending on the working hours of the parents, however, Parents will be asked to pay the non- refundable Registration Fee, and some fees every few months to cover cooking activities, outings etc.
  • I do not work, however I would like my child to attend the child care. Is this possible?"
    Absolutely! We have created special packages for those who are interested in registering their child on a Private Scheme Basis.
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