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Kids' Ark Malta:read what parents have to say


Read what the parents have to say

Absolutely amazing. We moved our little girl from another nursery and are amazed of how much they take care of the little one and have great know how of childcare and development. The place is clean, safe, new, large, full of light and has a great outdoor area. 

Best of all they utilise apps to keep the curious parents up to date on all activities and progress throughout the day which is greatly appreciated!

Thank you Katrina, Lorraine, Shannon and the rest of the team!

Hello All,

Just wished to post a review about the childcare centre my children are at currently in Pieta' - it's a new one called 'Kids' Ark'. I live in San Gwann and when we moved our children to the centre, I was worried about the commute as the previous centre was around the corner from us but I couldn't be happier. The space is beautiful and open that they are in, there are so many different toys, learning resources as well as a massive outdoor area with all the children could want. They do so many thought out and fun activities that allow children to learn and develop and so far when it comes to my children's childcare it's been the best decision we've made. The carers and management are amazing and like family. They still have some spaces as they have only recently opened. My daughter (2) and son (almost 1) love it there - thank you for reading x

I am extremely happy to have my daughter there. Amazing, new place, with outdoor space, ball pit room and puppet theatre (which is super cool). Very creative activities, every time I see the pictures I am impressed! Communication is great, both carers and the owners are always ready to give me an update, and answer all my questions.

They take very good care of my little one. I have an app on my phone when they upload reports of her daily schedule and activities together with photos! She goes there and comes back home with a smile on her face. Thank you all for the great job you do, keep it up!

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